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Interior Detail

Starting at $189.99 | SUV: $20 Upcharge

Service Includes:

  • Compressed air is used to thoroughly blow out loose dirt/debris from crevices, pockets, and seats

  • Comprehensive vacuum of interior

  • Carpet fully cleaned, conditioned, and air dried

  • Headliner spot cleaned

  • Floor mats cleaned

    • Cloth mats - vacuumed, fully cleaned, and air dried

    • All-weather mats - degreased and washed

  • Interior trim thoroughly cleaned

  • Interior windows cleaned

  • Gauges and electronic displays cleaned with screen safe cleaner

À la Carte Add-ons:

  • Excessive pet hair upcharge - price varies

  • Ozone deodorizer treatment - $49.99

  • Leather treated with conditioner - $24.99 per row

  • Leather and Fabric IGL coatings - see the 'Ceramic Coatings' page

  • Interior Rain-X Anti-Fog

    • Front door windows and windshield - $19.99

    • All windows - $34.99

  • Steam cleaning - coming soon!

*Please remove any excess personal belongings prior to bringing vehicle in.

*We will not remove any child car seats, please remove prior to bringing vehicle in.

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